The Dhauladhar mountain range is home to the charming town of Dalhousie. In order to enjoy a lovely getaway from the oppressive heat, many travelers purchase Dalhousie tour packages each year. Another motivation for travelers to schedule trips frequently is to take in the old world charm.

With the help of our dharamshala dalhousie tour package, you may discover every stunning feature of this alluring Himachal hill region. Explore colonial history, architectural wonders, vast meadows, verdant valleys, sparkling waterfalls, and bustling markets by taking a dharamshala dalhousie tour package. Dalhousie, which spans five hills (Kathlog, Terah, Potreyn, Bakrota, and Bhangora), is tucked away at a height of 1,974 meters above sea level. Visitors may experience the majestic beauty of this picturesque hill town and dig into the tranquil air of the gorgeous surroundings with our wide selection of tastefully prepared dharamshala dalhousie tour package.

This place bears Lord Dalhousie’s name and served as the former summer capital of British India. Dalhousie is a well-known tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh and is home to several stunning churches and colonial-style buildings. For tranquility seekers looking to get away from the rush of city life, this is the ideal vacation destination. Families, children, single travelers, couples, and solo tourists can all find something to enjoy there. Thanks to its ideal position, this quiet place has cool temperatures all year long.

During the dharamshala dalhousie tour package, visitors can partake in a wide range of adventure sports, including paragliding, zorbing, trekking, hiking, camping, and horseback riding. Visitors can encounter a soul-soothing experience thanks to the appealing environment and beautiful flora. Trekkers can reach the summit of Dainkund Peak, where they can take in the spectacular beauty of the hill town, to experience nature’s alluring appeal. Tourists can also see various birds and unique wildlife species on the challenging hike to Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Dal Lake scenic beauty local sightseeing Dharamshala tour package also includes a visit to the famous Dalai Lama’s temple. The tibetan monastery was renowned for its peaceful aura and stunning natural beauty. Our overnight stay in the city was the perfect way to kick off our memorable holiday and we visited all the popular attractions.

People can create the itineraries with the assistance of our travel specialists based on their needs and budget. We offer repeatable and scalable personalized dharamshala dalhousie tour package. In order to make your vacation to Dalhousie as enjoyable as possible, we offer a number of facilities, such as a guided sightseeing tour, delectable meals, quick transfers, outdoor activities, and a comfortable accommodation. For more details on Dalhousie family vacation packages, get in touch with us. Book a dharamshala dalhousie tour package with us as well to start your vacation.

dharamshala dalhousie tour package

Places to Visit in Dalhousie

dharamshala dalhousie tour package

Panchpula: Panchpula is a well-liked picnic area in Dalhousie and is encircled by a canopy of green pine and deodar trees. The Saptdhara Waterfall, the starting site of the Ganji Pahari Trek, as well as activities like zip lining and Burma Bridge, are its most famous attractions. This is the best palce to visit when you are taking dharamshala dalhousie tour package.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary: In dharamshala dalhousie tour package , the Kalatop species Sanctuary is made up of dense deodar trees, a wide variety of species, snow-capped mountains, carpets of verdant grasslands, and attractive streams of fresh water. A excellent place to go for a nature walk with views of the majestic and flawless Pir Panjal range are the well-maintained trekking and hiking routes in the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dharamshala: The Dalai Lama’s residence, Dharamshala, is frequently featured in dharamshala dalhousie tour package. It is frequently visited for one night and is 120 kilometers away. Dharamshala, the state’s winter capital, is divided between higher and lower sections at varying altitudes. The upper division, also known as Mcleodganj, is three kilometers from the lower division and is located in the Dharamsala town itself.

Shimla: Shimla is the state capital of Himachal Pradesh and a well-liked highland resort for honeymooners and Indian families. Shimla may be included in a comprehensive 6-7 day dharamshala dalhousie tour package. The hill station still has lovely colonial buildings, a pedestrian-friendly Mall Road, and a ridge lined with several stores, cafes, and restaurants, all contributing to its timeless attractiveness.

Manali: Dharamshala dalhousie tour package might include Manali so that visitors can spend 6-7 days exploring the magnificent Himachal state. Manali, one of Himachal Pradesh’s most well-known hill resorts, provides some of the state’s most breathtaking vistas of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar mountains, which are typically blanketed in snow throughout the year. It is a wonderful base for exploring this side of the Himalayas because there are numerous trekking opportunities nearby. Travelers throng to Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley to partake in adventure sports like skiing, paragliding, horseback riding, and zorbing.

Chamba: The Himalayan town of Chamba is situated in Himachal Pradesh’s Chamba district. It is a fantastic day excursion because Dalhousie is only about 55 kilometers away. The small Pahari paintings and traditional handicrafts of Chamba are well known. It serves as the starting point for a number of treks in the vast Himalayan hills. So book your dharamshala dalhousie tour package  with and enjoy natural beauty of himalayan.

Best Time to Plan a Visit to Dalhousie

dharamshala dalhousie tour package

Dalhousie is a captivating tourist location renowned for its pleasant weather all year long. All year long, vacationers swarm to this hill town to enjoy themselves. However, the summer months are the greatest for visiting Dalhousie because the weather is still pleasant and conducive to outdoor activities.

The area’s climatic conditions are moderate until the snow on the surrounding snow-capped mountains starts to melt in March and April. The region experiences warm daytime temperatures in June and comfortable evening temperatures. Adventure pursuits like camping and trekking are also perfect during this period. Book your dharamshala dalhousie tour package on this time.

In Dalhousie, the monsoon season lasts from July to September. However, there aren’t many big downpours in this region of Himachal. The little bit of rain only enhances the appeal of this alluring highland resort. The area appears to be a fairyland during the rainy season, covered in flowering flowers and trees of all colors. If a person enjoys being outside in the rain, they are welcome to go there during the monsoon.

The winter season lasts from October to February in Dalhousie. A person should come here in December or January when the area is transformed into a winter wonderland if they want to experience snowfall. The journey is rewarded because of Dalhousie’s ethereal splendor. Book your dharamshala dalhousie tour package now.

dharamshala dalhousie tour package

Things to Do in Dalhousie

dharamshala dalhousie tour package

Khajjiar: The picturesque hill station of Khajjiar is an important part of the Dharamshala Dalhousie Tour Package.One of the thrilling things to do in Dalhousie is paragliding. Paragliding is most enjoyable from September through November, as well as in January and June, when the weather is at its best. When visiting the hill village of Khajjiar, you should undoubtedly take part in the most of these activities.

River Crossing and River Rafting: Under the supervision of qualified instructors, river crossing is done across the rivers Saal or Ravi, while river rafting is becoming more and more popular in Chamba and is typically done on these rivers as well. These events are organized by government and private tourism organizations.

Rock Climbing: This adventurous sport is well-liked and practiced in many locations around Dalhousie, particularly in Khajjiar. Our Dalhousie Tour Package includes a full day of rock climbing and rappelling. Going in groups is recommended because individual training and participation may cost a little bit extra and the activity is done under professional supervision.

Best Accommodation to stay on your Dalhousie Tour

dharamshala dalhousie tour package

A lot of travelers travel to Dalhousie all year round because it is a well-liked tourist spot. Families and friends are drawn to Dalhousie by its beautiful beauty and tranquil surroundings. In Himachal Pradesh, it is also a well-liked spot for honeymooners to take in the panoramic vistas. Dalhousie has a wide variety of lodging alternatives, from low-cost to mid-range hotels, hostels, and guesthouses, to satisfy the needs of various tourists. provide tour packages at affordable cost. you can book any package or customize your package according to your choice. So book your dharamshala dalhousie tour package now with

In Dalhousie, guests can discover a five-star hotel where they can spend their spare time. Dalhousie offers a variety of lodging alternatives that are furnished with modern conveniences and guarantee a comfortable stay. In Dalhousie, some of the top places to stay are:

Snow Valley Resort

Aaroham by Aamod

Alps Resort

Mid Conifer Cottage

Grand View Hotel

Zostel Dalhousie

Fortune Park

The Sun Park

Brij Villa

Luxury Suite and Resort

To learn more about the Dalhousie vacation, get in touch with our tour experts. They provide you all knowledge about dharamshala dalhousie tour package.