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Along with its extensive history and turbulent political past, Kashmir is a state equally rich in natural and cultural splendour. This state offers tourists one-of-a-kind experiences such as spicy local cuisine paired with a variety of teas, long walks or a jarring trekking experience on the many mountains in the area, admiring the cosiness houseboats on the lakes of Srinagar, and visiting the numerous pilgrimage sites, temples, and religious and spiritual centres that are present throughout the state. If you enjoy bringing home mementoes from your travels, you can purchase the exquisite Pashmina silks, carpets, and other textiles made by Kashmir’s local artisans. These are just a few of the unusual encounters you might have all in one place! With our best Kashmir tour packages, travelling will be more about discovering the city’s hidden gems, getting to know the inhabitants’ customs and culture, and experiencing local life firsthand. According to these criteria, Kashmir does have a lot to offer vacationers! Check out our top best Kashmir tour packages.

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Best Kashmir Tour Packages

Although Jammu and Kashmir is quickly becoming popular tourist destination, it is advised to research the local politics before visiting due to unpredictable bursts of violence and disorder. Tourists enjoy lovely snowy hill stations and arduous mountain trekking. Kashmir is a popular religious destination for pilgrimages because of its abundance of temples, shrines, and monasteries. So hurry up book best Kashmir tour packages with In addition, if the weather permits, you can participate in a variety of activities and sports in some places. Following your day of activity, you may unwind by lounging in one of the many gardens or on one of the peaceful houseboats cruising the clear lakes. Overall, our best Kashmir tour packages will provide you with a trip of a lifetime that will leave you calm and renewed, exactly what a vacation should do for you!

When to visit Kashmir is best

Best Kashmir Tour Packages

Kashmir has four different seasons. Spring is from March to early May, Summer is from late May to August, Autumn is from September to November, and the harsh winters are from December to February. In our opinion, the best time to visit this area is from July to November because the weather is good and you may participate in a variety of adventure sports that may not be possible in bad weather. See which of our many best Kashmir tour packages is best for you and your family by browsing through them.

best Kashmir tour packages

Best Kashmir tourist destinations

Best Kashmir Tour Packages

Since Kashmir is full of so many tranquil and stunning sites, it is impossible to select out one as a must-see. Let’s take a quick glance at each of Kashmir’s major cities.


This capital city, which is also known as the summer capital, is located on the Jhelum River’s bank. The city is encircled by the stunning snow-capped Himalayan mountain ranges, providing visitors with a tranquil getaway from the clamour and pollution of the metropolis. The most well-known tourist destination in this area is the Dal lake, which is bordered by lovely gardens, mountains, and orchards. If you enjoy the outdoors, make sure to check out the city’s many gardens, including the Shalimar Garden, Chashmashahi Gardens, and Mughal Gardens. Activities including golfing, fishing, skiing, trekking, paragliding, river rafting, kayaking, and camping are possible in the nearby regions. Check out all the details on the top best Kashmir tour packages.


Are you a devoted golfer seeking a memorable round of golf? The world’s highest golf course, located in Gulmarg, is a must-see destination. It is situated at a height of around 2650 metres above sea level. Gulmarg is full of grassy hills with lots of flowers, living up to its name, which means “Meadow of Flowers”. Gulmarg’s winters are ideal for skiing on the snow-covered slopes. Bluebells, buttercups, daisies, and forget-me-nots are just a few of the flowers that draw visitors from all over the world. Spending time here with your loved one is in a wonderful location. So, take a look at the incredible best Kashmir tour packages that we have to offer.


Before proceeding on to the shrine, pilgrims making their way to the revered Amarnath caves—Lord Shiva’s abode—stop in Pahalgam as their base camp. Pahalgam is a great location for sports like fishing, hiking, and trekking, and the city also draws a lot of tourists because of the Liddar valley’s stunning scenery.


Jammu, which is the southernmost part of Kashmir, is jokingly referred to as the state’s winter capital. Jammu is the initial destination for the majority of tourists throughout their trip. Numerous mountain ranges in this area, including the Shivalik, Trikuta Hills, Pir Panjal Range, and the Tawi River Basin, are beautiful and draw tourists. Here is where the well-known Vaishno Devi shrine is located, which also draws lots of pilgrims. Choose one of our affordable land-based Jammu packages and the best Kashmir tour packages.

Leh Ladakh

The enormous Himalayas and the Karakoram mountain range, collectively referred to as “Little Tibet” and “Laddakh,” respectively, are two of the world’s most powerful mountain ranges. Sports including Jeep Safari trips, Yak Safaris, mountain climbing, trekking, and cycling are available in Ladakh. What gives Ladakh its nickname are the numerous Buddhist monasteries and the vast majority of the populace adhering to Buddhist culture and traditions. Leh, the capital of Ladakh, is home to beautiful scenery, snow-capped mountains, picturesque rivers, and a variety of adventure activities. Our best Kashmir tour packages include Leh Ladakh. Book a variety of Leh Ladakh vacation packages with


Winters are experienced in the trans-Himalayan valley of Zanskar. The well-known Zanskar river supports this area, which has a varied geography. The majority of the local population is Buddhist. Zanskar is the ideal location for river rafting in the summer, and as the rivers freeze over in the winter, you may switch to other activities like skiing. The region’s vegetation is primarily dense, including tundra, alps, and blue poppies. Check out our best Kashmir tour packages for book now.

In conclusion, Kashmir may unquestionably be referred to as “Paradise on Earth” because of its breathtaking valleys and picturesque scenery with snow-capped mountains, for which this region is renowned worldwide. What could be better when the locals are also extremely friendly, making your holiday a wonderful experience. While you’re there, don’t forget to buy some of the famous trinkets created by regional artisans, as their livelihoods depend on it. See which of our many best Kashmir tour packages best suits your demands for a trip.

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Kashmir Tour Packages FAQs

Q. Which time of year is ideal for visiting Kashmir?

Study the best time to visit this mountain state before searching for the best Kashmir tour packages. Otherwise, Kashmir is a year-round vacation spot, with the summer and winter seasons each having unique significance and allure. However, the majority of visitors prefer to go during the summer, which lasts from March to October. During this time, the weather is nice throughout the day with gorgeous golden sunlight throughout the morning and noon. It is the perfect time to visit Srinagar’s beautiful gardens in full bloom, photograph the gorgeous alpine meadows there, and float on the Dal Lake there as life slowly starts to pick up again after the long winters. White-water rafting is a popular activity in Pahalgam from April to November. At this time of year, Pahalgam also attracts many visitors who like horseback riding and golfing at some of the fantastic golf resorts in the area. If you’re thinking about visiting Gulmarg, winter is the finest time to go to Kashmir. In December, the area is covered in snow, allowing for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Book your best Kashmir tour packages at this time to get best experience.

Q. How many ATMs are present in Kashmir overall?

Before choosing one of the Kashmir trip packages, you should be informed of how much cash you should have on hand and how many ATMs are available. Since Kashmir has a sizable ATM network, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one when travelling. However, it makes sense to always have some cash on hand while travelling, even if it’s not a lot. This is because many ATMs could be broken or out of cash. With the abundance of ATMs in Srinagar, cash withdrawals are seldom a problem, but this is not nearly the case in Pahalgam and Gulmarg. When travelling outside of Srinagar, it is best to have enough cash on hand because there aren’t as many ATMs there. Book best Kashmir tour packages with