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Make sure to include some of Leh’s well-known monasteries, palaces, and the old town in your search for Leh Ladakh tour packages and  cheapest ladakh tour packages. Much of Ladakh, which runs from the Himalayas into the Kunlun Ranges and includes the productive upper Indus River valley, is over 9800 feet in elevation and has been suggested as a Union Territory (at the time of writing). The plateau of Ladakh is now bordered by Tibet to the east, the valley of Jammu and Kashmir to the west, Lahaul and Spiti to the south, and the Karakoram Pass of the Himalayas to the far north. These are the current borders. It should come as no surprise that Ladakh changed into a region of rocky, barren peaks with gorgeous gompas (Buddhist monasteries) perched precariously on them. The primary-colored prayer flags that are flapping nearby only serve to emphasise how starkly white stupas stand out in contrast. To see all beauty of  ladakh book your cheapest ladakh tour packages. The prayer wheel produces chants that blend with the wind as it moves and create a tune that is both peaceful and eerie when it is turned clockwise. The interior of the gompas, where the red-robed monks reside, is a bright contrast to the bleak, ochre and drab terrain outside. Ladakh is a bit of Tibet lost in time, painted in a riot of colour with elaborate murals and vibrant, golden-hued Buddhas.Travellers frequently opt for Leh Ladakh tour packages since there aren’t many locations as welcoming to tourists and as breathtakingly gorgeous as this alpine region. Leh, located 11,490 feet above sea level on the Silk Route, is a town right out of a picture book, with mud-brick buildings, winding pathways, and an ancient bazaar in its centre. Leh is hemmed in by a spine of dagger-like peaks. Numerous hotels, gift stores, travel agencies, and trekking outfits that serve the area’s growing tourist demand are also vying for space. The majority of locations in this historic town are accessible on foot during the long summer months, but not during the hard winter. So book your cheapest ladakh tour packages now.

Cheapest Ladakh Tour Packages

Travelling around Ladakh

Cheapest Ladakh Tour Packages

If you don’t pay your respects at the numerous vibrant gompas and palaces that encircle the cheapest ladakh tour packages,  your journey would be incomplete.

Leh Palace: The Leh Palace, a prominent building in the city, is thought to resemble Tibet’s Potala Palace in Lhasa more than merely superficially. The building, which was constructed in the 17th century under King Singge Namgyal, has been virtually abandoned since Ladakh’s kings were overthrown.  A modest prayer room, a gallery for holding photo exhibits, and a stairway leading to the rooftop for a bird’s-eye view over Leh’s moonlike scenery may all be found inside the palace’s strong walls today. Book your cheapest ladakh tour packages now with The Chandazik Gompa, which features a series of colourful murals, the landmark Namgyal Stupa, and the Soma Gompa—the former location of the monastery’s printing press—are all located at the foot of the building.

Spituk Gompa: The Spituk Gompa, which is located at a height of 10,852 feet and offers views of the Indus Valley, is one of the top destinations to see on  cheapest ladakh tour packages. Watching planes land at the airport in Leh from below is quite incredible. You can climb the stairs to the building’s outside to reach the three-tiered shrine (latho) and the gonkhang, which is thought to be the chapel’s protector. The governing deities of the monastery are housed in this chapel, but women travellers are not permitted within. You may see the most ornate part of the Skudung Lhakhang once you enter the main complex. Enter the old Tibetan prayer room to find a statue of Tsongkhapa, the creator of Gelukpa Buddhism. Before arriving to the tiny canteen serving traditional Ladakhi tea, paba, a pea and barley meal, and tangtur curry, a dip made of green vegetables and yoghurt, explore the other magnificent statues and learn about their intriguing legends. The gompa hosts a festival in the final week of January around 5 kilometres from the centre of Leh. Book your cheapest ladakh tour packages now with

Choskhor Temple Complex:  While there are many things to do in Leh Ladakh tour, you shouldn’t skip a visit to the charming tiny village of Alchi, which is just 4 kilometres off the Kargil and Leh road and is noted for its monastic complex. A priceless collection of statues and murals from this complex of temples from the eleventh century is considered the finest example of Indo-Tibetan art in all of Ladakh. The Lotsa Temple was established by Lotsava Ringchen Zangpo, also known as the “Great Translator,” and you can see his image on the back wall of the building in the shape of a lizard. So book your cheapest ladakh tour packages to explore the beauty of nature.

If you want to sightseeing tour in Ladakh there are many other best places to visite in ladakh like shanti stupa, nubra valley, magnetic hill, thiksey monastery, snow-capped mountains, khardungla pass, tso moriri lake, ladakh region, pangong tso lake, diskit monastery,  Lamayuru Monastery and etc. Enjoy my trip  provide the best leh ladakh tour packages.  If you are into Travel and especially travelling to the mountains in Ladakh, then you must travel high passes road trips in Ladakh world’s highest motorable passes, highest motorable road, etc. Explore  the beauty of leh and ladakh with our cheapest ladakh tour packages. Book your cheapest ladakh tour packages now.

Ladakh Tour Packages FAQs

cheapest ladakh tour packages

Q. Is it feasible to take an aircraft directly to Ladakh?

You might question if it is possible to travel directly to the Union Territory at a height of 9800 feet in the Himalayas when you plan your Leh Ladakh tour packages and  cheapest ladakh tour packages. There are flights available all year long from the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi to the Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh. However, you would need to make your reservations a little early and plan ahead to allow for a possible weather-related flight cancellation or delay of several hours. The national airline of India, Air India, as well as SpiceJet, GoFirst, and Vistara offer service on this route. Go First offers direct flights from both Mumbai and Srinagar, and Air India offers departures from Jammu, Chandigarh, and Srinagar in addition to Delhi. Arriving via plane might not be a smart option, though, as there is rarely time to prepare for the abrupt shift in altitude. It is best to stay in Leh for the entire day so your body can adjust to the weather before continuing on. To go to the city centre or your lodging, reserve a pre-paid cab to take you there. Book your cheapest ladakh tour packages with us.

Q. What time of year is ideal for visiting Ladakh?

It is important to determine the optimal time to visit this alpine region and whether you would feel comfortable doing so before thinking about any Leh Ladakh tour packages. In our cheapest ladakh tour packages, the high season begins in April as travellers start to visit again after the depressing winter months have passed. All restaurants, hotels, and guesthouses reopen to tourists by the middle of May. At this time of year, busloads of visitors arrive as the Srinagar-Leh route reopens for the season. The frozen lake in Pangong Tso gently thaws during this time of year, making the vivid blue areas where the ice once was glitter like gems in the water. By travelling to Khardung La and Chang La, you can still take in the sight of a snow-covered environment. The best time to visit Ladakh is between mid-September and mid-October when the weather is clear, the lake is blue, there is a chill in the air, and you can take some stunning pictures.So why you are waiting for. contact with for cheapest ladakh tour packages.

Q.Why is Ladakh’s Pangong Lake so well-known?

Pangong Lake is a must-see while visiting this alpine retreat and is included in all cheapest ladakh tour packages. The image of an electric-blue lake that is featured on the majority of Ladakh postcards is from this remarkable place. Only a quarter of the lake falls on the Indian side of the border, where it is located at an elevation of 14,271 feet and is bordered by bleak, grey cliffs. It is the highest saltwater lake in the entire planet. Tourists flock to Pangong so because of its ever-changing colours, which range from blue to green to crimson. Five hours are required for the scenic Chang La pass, which is located at a height of 17,798 feet. At a camp along the road, you can take a break and ride a yak. Contact with for cheapest ladakh tour packages.