The world’s premier hill station is Shimla

Shimla tour packages

The northernmost state in India, Himachal Pradesh, provides visitors with a unique Himalayan experience. Shimla, the nation’s capital, along with Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Kullu, and Manali are a few of the well-known hill resorts that are popular with tourists. Due to some areas’ perennial snow cover, Shimla used to be the British Empire’s summer capital. Shimla tour packages are hence in high demand all year long.

Shimla is a lovely place to vacation with your family. It was the capital of Himachal Pradesh and served as the British Empire’s summer capital. In India, the valleys and steep hills terrain offer magnificent vacations and are well-liked travel destinations. Many resorts perched above snow-capped mountains are continuously bustling with travellers looking to escape the sweltering summers in their home cities. The town of Shimla is full of British Indian artefacts, giving it a charming mix of the traditional and the refined. Shimla tour packages primarily showcase the allure and history of the location. Since cars are not permitted in the core town area, strolling through it is a pleasure with no worries about running into parked or moving cars. The bustling bazaar and mall’s twisting walkways are a terrific place to spend an evening perusing the stores.

Shimla’s population are extremely kind and welcoming to visitors, which makes going there even more tempting. In contrast to the lovely weather that prevails throughout the year, they welcome the visitor with warmth. Shimla is best visited between April and mid-July and between September and the end of October. But if you love snow and want to see it fall, winter is the greatest season to go because the town is covered in immaculate white snow from December to February. When visiting, be sure to board the toy train at Kalka Station, which will take you along a picturesque route and leave you speechless by the grandeur of the snow-capped mountains and rich forests made up of pine, deodar, oak, and rhododendron plants. The toy train is a must-see for Shimla tour packages because it is a well-known landmark there. Those who enjoy nature will find these lush forests to be a visual pleasure. Since Shimla’s apples are well-known throughout the country, make sure to stop by the apple garden while you’re here and have some fresh Shimla apples straight from the source! Check out our incredible Shimla tour packages to see all of this for yourself! Delhi, which is roughly 325 kilometres from the national capital, can be readily accessible by rail and road from this Himachal Pradesh capital.

Best places to visit in Shimla

Shimla tour packages

See our top Shimla tour packages and select the one that best suits you as a traveller depending on your interests. Below, we provide a list of some of the top tourist destinations in Shimla. Shimla is much more than just the stunning mountains covered in snow. You may engage in a wide range of adventure sports and activities in Shimla, including hiking, fishing, golfing, nature hikes, ice skating, skiing, and much more. These sports are available in Shimla at a number of locations, including Kufri, Fagu, and Naldhera. Due to the abundance of ski resorts in Kufri throughout the winter, this is the place to be if you want to try skiing. The golf course of the Nalendra Golf Club, which is only 22 kilometres from Shimla, is well-known. If you want to, you may even go ice skating in Rivoli and roller skating in Lakkar Bazaar. If we claim Shimla is the only location in all of Asia with a natural ice skating rink, believe us. If you enjoy viewing sunsets, go to the Ridge, which provides breathtaking views of Shimla’s seven hills.

There are numerous spiritual and religious attractions in Shimla where you can reignite your spirituality and find inner peace. Shimla tour packages come in a variety of forms, and you may select the one that you and your family find to be the most appealing.

Viceregal Lodge

The Viceregal Lodge in Shimla is a must-see location if you are a die-hard Harry Potter fan because it has architecture that is very similar to that of Hogwarts Castle. Because to two discussions held here between Indian and British leaders that helped bring about the independence of India, this lodge is significant historically in India. You can take a tour of the house and stop by the three rooms that have some photo displays. You can always opt to take a stroll on the immaculately kept grounds outside the lodge if you aren’t up for a rigorous history tour. Even better, you may go to the Himalayan Bird Park, which is directly across from the hotel.

Jakhu Temple

One of Shimla’s most well-known temples, the Jakhu Temple honours Lord Hanuman and is perched atop a hill. You must walk 1.2 kilometres from the Ridge to this temple to worship there. Thanks to a massive 33-meter-high pink statue of Lord Hanuman that towers over the hill, this temple is easily reachable from all section of the city. Inside the temple, there are some incredibly interesting murals that depict Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram’s exploits from the Ramayana.

The Ridge

All of Shimla’s cultural events are held on The Ridge Road, a public area. The majority of the town’s important locations, including the Mall, Snowdon, Jakhoo Hills, and many others, are connected by The Ridge. On the Ridge, there are sculptures of three well-known people: Dr. Y.S. Parmar, the first Chief Minister of the State, and Indira and Mahatma Gandhi.

Bantony Castle

The Maharaja of Sirmaur once lived in the historic red-brick mansion known as Bantony, which was built in 1880. The Bantony remained abandoned and in ruins because of numerous legal disputes about its succession. Nonetheless, the Himachal Pradesh government has made the decision to turn the dilapidated structure into a public museum.

Himachal State Museum

The Himachal State Museum is an intriguing and charming tiny museum with a collection of miniatures from Rajasthan, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh, as well as colourful and traditional jewellery and clothing, wood carvings, and exquisite stone works.

Christ Church

In 1846, the English Christ church was founded at the eastern extremity of the Ridge. This church is one of the oldest standing structures in northern India and a well-known landmark in Shimla. Together with the conventional Victorian style stained glass, the memorials from the Raj era served as inspiration for this chapel.

You can choose the Shimla tour packages that are perfect for you based on your interests and budget from our selection of both the best and most affordable Shimla tour packages. Have a look at our Shimla honeymoon packages if you and your spouse are newlyweds seeking for a vacation spot to rekindle your romance and strengthen your relationship. Shimla is a lovely place to spend a vacation, and it has decent, well-maintained roads that make travelling over the mountains enjoyable. If you’re thinking about taking a weekend trip to Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is a terrific place to start because it is surrounded by amazing natural features including thick woods, calm lakes, cool waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and cute little villages. is the best place to find the cheapest flight from your location to Shimla.

Shimla Tour Packages FAQs

Which season offers the best chances to see snow in Shimla?

Think about the type of experience you want from Shimla before choosing¬†Shimla tour packages. Visit the hill station in mid-December or at any time between now and early February if you want to see snow and watch it turn the area into a winter wonderland. This refers to the best time of year between Christmas and New Year’s when parties are in full flow, there is a festive mood in the air, shops are stuffed to the gills with goods, cafes are serving up sizzling meals, and a carnival-like vibe permeates everything. Seasonal characteristics include snowfall, blustery winds, and sporadic rains. The daytime high temperature is only eight degrees, with lows of below zero. The two most popular wintertime hobbies are skiing and ice skating. You can take day trips to the adjacent Mashobra, Kufri, and Narkanda for more snow and panoramic views. Not to add that you need to bring your boots, mufflers, gloves, and caps, as well as heavy wool clothing for a winter vacation.

Which summer season is best for visiting Shimla?

A number of Shimla tour packages are geared towards luring summer visitors from the plains. Yet, it is crucial to understand when Shimla transport is at its busiest during the summer. With temperatures ranging between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius from March through June, Shimla is the ideal getaway from the heat of the plains. The days are warm and pleasant, and occasionally a cold mountain breeze will sweep in to break a brief heat wave. Adventure activities in and around Shimla are starting to pick up speed at this point. Enjoy camping, rafting, paragliding, and trekking. If not, explore Shimla’s bustling Mall Road, stop for a meal at one of its cafes, and take in the atmosphere of this formerly colonial hill resort by stopping at the Lakkad Bazar, the renowned Christ Church, the Jakhoo temple, and the Tara Devi Temple. Make sure the Shimla holiday package and shimla trip package you review are matched to your interests.