The Haryana Travel Package are exploration and sightseeing excursions to the capital’s neighboring state’s numerous lakes, gardens, religious complexes, and historic buildings. In addition to stunning ecotourism and religion, Haryana is blessed with a distinctive folk culture, the influences of which may be seen in rich folk dance, music, art, and rituals. It is also thought that it was on this soil that Maharishi [great seer] Ved Vyasa wrote the epic Mahabharata. Therefore, traveling in Haryana is a way to learn about its spiritual, cultural, and historical aspects. So book your haryana travel package from haryana trip packages. We provide best haryana trip packages to our clients.

The religious town of Kurukshetra is home to many well-known temples, including Bhadrakali Temple, Prachi Shiva Temple, the tomb of Sheikh Chailis, and Mound Amin. Narnaul also has two noteworthy monumental structures, Jal Mahal and Birbal ka Chhatta, both examples of Indo-Islamic architecture built during the reign of Akbar. The Buddhist Stupa of Chaneti, a construction by Emperor Ashoka from the third century BCE. Aravalli Biodiversity Park, Sarkaria Cactus Garden, Gandhi Garden, Sultanpur National Park, and Yadvinder Garden are just a few of the state’s many stunning gardens that are included in India’s Haryana Travel Packages.

You should look at EnjoyMyTrips’ Haryana travel packages if you want to discover the state’s tourist attractions. Haryana is unique from a geographic and mythological perspective. This Green Land of India has breathtaking natural beauty. This location’s panoramic splendor, which spans from the sub-Himalayan Terai to the Indo-Gangetic plains, unquestionably justifies a good Haryana tour. The land is referred to as the farming state of the nation because of the fertile soil in the plains. Book your haryana trip packages now.

The epic conflict waged between the Pandavas and the Kauravas on the Kurukshetra battlefields provides insight into the location’s legendary significance. The fact that the lengthy history goes back to the about 5000-year-old Vedic age does not make it any less significant. Haryana has been referenced in the most famous oriental epic, the Mahabharata, as “Bahudhanyaaka” or the land which grows plenty of grains and is a treasure trove of riches.

Haryana travel packages offer a great way to explore the Indian culture in one of the most popular city in a beautiful country. People from all over India visit Haryana to experience the rich culture and travel through the land where Lord Krishna once lived. We offer a variety of Haryana travel packages for an unforgettable family tour of north India, including stops at Damdama Lake. The epic battle between the ancient times forces of good and evil was fought at the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary near the Mansa Devi Temple.

Our Haryana travel packages are designed with your convenience and comfort in mind, so you can make the most of your trip. The capital of Haryana, Chandigarh, is flawless in terms of cleanliness and contemporary architectural splendour. It’s a fantastic location for specialist sight-seeing, such as a visit to the Chandi Devi temple. You can engage in a variety of activities thanks to Haryana Tourism. Therefore, when in Haryana, look for tempting discounts on Haryana travel packages that include trips to Panchkula, where you may go camping in the wilderness. Due to the presence of various flora and wildlife, the ecotourism potential of Thapli, Morni Hills, Kalesar, Adibadri, Chuharpur Herbal Park, BanSantor, etc. is rather great. Book your haryana trip packages now with for better experience.

You have the option of staying in the villages to experience village life, learn about their martial arts, traditional dances, special farming practices, crafts, festivals, and fairs. Visit Haryana and take time to appreciate the state’s natural splendor, illustrious past, and unique traditions.We offer some of the best Haryana travel packages that cover the popular destinations across the state.

Culture Of Haryana

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The culture of Haryana is defined by long-standing customs intertwined with modern values. The area was colonized by the Harappan culture over 4500 years ago. The Aryans of Central Asia were later drawn to the subcontinent by its river and numerous tributaries, and they settled here. As a result, the inhabitants of Haryana are of Aryan descent. Due to their intrinsic devotion to yoga and vedic mantras, the people of Haryana preserve their culture and customs. The bulk of people are Jats, a Rajput ethnic group from areas close to old Hastinapur. The kind and direct nature of the Haryana population is evident in their dialect as well. Book an amazing Haryana travel packages to explore the architectural marvels and natural beauty of this state. Book your haryana trip packages with for best experience.

Hindus and Sikhs make over 90% of the population of the state, while Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and English are the most common languages used there. The majority of the population in this subcontinent relies on agriculture and animal husbandry, and a family’s prosperity is frequently indicated by the number of cattle it possesses. The majority of people’s income comes from agriculture, and the entire family, including the women, works in the fields. Dance is a popular way for Haryana residents to express their high levels of vigor and enthusiasm. Haryana tourism takes pride in the zeal with which locals celebrate seasonal and traditional fairs and festivals. Several well-known events include the Mango Fair, the Surajkund Crafts Fair, and Phalgu fair are some of the major tourist attractions in Haryana. Get ready for an amazing journey with one of our Haryana travel packages including accommodations, meals, and activities.

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Best tourist destinations & places in haryana

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Whether you’re looking for a family getaway, an exciting trip, or perhaps a cultural, historical, or religious visit, haryana travel packages will satisfy all of your needs. We offer some of the best Haryana travel packages that cover the popular destinations across the state. The following list of tourist attractions in Haryana will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Gurgaon: As one of the major cities in Haryana, Gurgaon is known for its modern infrastructure, shopping malls, and vibrant nightlife. We offer great Haryana travel packages from Gurgaon that offer the ultimate vacation experience. It’s also home to the Kingdom of Dreams, an entertainment and cultural complex.

Faridabad: Another prominent city in Haryana, Faridabad is famous for its industrial growth. However, you can also explore attractions like Surajkund, an ancient reservoir and popular picnic spot, and the Raja Nahar Singh Palace, a historic palace-turned-museum. Our haryana trip packages to Faridabad are designed to provide travelers with an amazing local experience.

Kurukshetra: An exciting array of sightseeing tours, cultural experiences, and outdoor activities are included in many Haryana travel packages to Kurukshetra. Considered a holy city in Hindu mythology, Kurukshetra attracts pilgrims from all over. It is believed to be the site of the epic Mahabharata battle. You can visit places like Brahma Sarovar, Jyotisar, and the Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Center. So why you are waiting for? Book your haryana trip packages now.

Panipat: Panipat is one of the most popular destinations for tourists looking for Haryana travel packages. Known for its historical significance, Panipat is where three major battles were fought. History enthusiasts can explore sites like the Panipat Museum, Kabuli Bagh Mosque, and the famous Hemu Samadhi Sthal.

Panchkula: This planned city is situated near the foothills of the Shivalik range and offers picturesque views. You can visit places like Morni Hills, Pinjore Gardens, and the Cactus Garden. We offer amazing Haryana travel packages in Panchkula that will ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Sultanpur National Park: Located in Gurugram district, Sultanpur National Park is a birdwatcher’s paradise. The park is home to a variety of resident and migratory birds, making it a great spot for nature lovers and photographers.

Badhkal Lake: If you’re looking for an exciting Haryana travel packages, Badhkal Lake is the best place to visit! Situated near Faridabad, Badhkal Lake is a serene water body surrounded by the Aravalli hills. It’s a popular spot for picnics and boating.

Sohna: Known for its hot springs, Sohna is a town famous for its medicinal sulphur water. You can relax at the Sohna Sulphur Hot Spring and visit the ancient ruins of the Sohna Fort.

Pinjore: Pinjore is renowned for its beautiful Mughal Gardens, also known as Yadavindra Gardens. The gardens feature stunning lawns, fountains, and historical structures. We offer exclusive Haryana travel packages that include a visit to the historic Pinjore gardens.

These are just a few of the many tourist destinations and places to visit in Haryana. The state has a rich history and diverse culture that can be explored through its various cities and attractions. To find best destination in haryana book your haryana trip packages from

Best time to visit in Haryana

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The best time to visit Haryana is during the winter season, which typically spans from November to February. During this time, the weather is pleasant and mild, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing. Haryana is best explored during the winter months, making it the perfect time to visit and experience the culture with Haryana travel packages. The temperatures range between 7°C to 22°C (45°F to 72°F), offering a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Visiting Haryana during winter also allows you to participate in various festivals and events that take place during this season. For example, the Surajkund Crafts Mela, held in February, showcases traditional arts, crafts, and cultural performances from all over India.

During the summer, temperatures can reach around 40 degrees Celsius, so when booking your Haryana travel packages, make sure you plan your trip for the best time to visit the state. Monsoon season, from July to September, brings rainfall to the region, but heavy showers and humidity can hinder outdoor activities.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, time your haryana trip packages to coincide with the colourful celebrations of Haryana’s traditional festivals, where you can enjoy the vibrancy and hospitality of its people. It’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast and plan your visit accordingly to ensure the most pleasant and suitable conditions for exploring the attractions in Haryana.

In Conclusion

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You can choose the Haryana travel packages that are perfect for you based on your interests and budget from our selection of both the best and most affordable Haryana travel packages. All types of tourists can find a wide range of sightseeing and entertainment options in Haryana. Your favourite Haryana tourist destination will depend on whether you are traveling alone or with friends and family, as well as the type of vacation you want, but have no fear—Haryana tourism has something to offer everyone.
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